The Where Project

Presented January 25 2014 II April 26 2014 II September 20 2014 II June 27 2015 II October 28 2015  II May 25 2016  II June 25 2016

The Where Project is a two act storytelling event. Artists, writers and performers share stories in response "Where are you from?" in the first act and "Where are you going?" in the second act. In answering these questions with dynamic, heartfelt storytelling and original music, The Where Project hopes to cultivate and share meaningful, hilarious, human stories that capture where we are right now.

Artists in the past have inlcuded: Lauren Berst, Kaliswa Brewster, Ben Charles, Soriya Chum,  Vichet Chum, John Ford-Dunker, Philip Estrera, Kevin R. Free, Emily Kitchens, Lisa Kitchens, Donetta Lavina Grays, The Good Morning Nags, Hennessy, Tiffany Nichole Greene, Ross Luippold, Lakisha May, Marianne Miller, Molly Beach Murphy, Diana Oh, Jenna Panther, Jiehae Park, Kristin Parker, Natalie Rich, Chansoda Roeun, Alejandro Rodriguez, Kyle Schaefer, Laura Jo Schuster, Nandita Shenoy, Richard Reynal Thieriot, Alex Ubokudom, Mfoniso Udofia, Leah Walsh, York Walker, Jess Watkins, and Matt Zambrano.

Videos by Evan Hernandez below.